I work with folks of all walks of life, at varying stages and transitions. I help those whose old organization tactics no longer work and are situationally disorganized, or whose life or work has shifted gears in space, time or situation and they just don’t have the bandwidth to keep up. Or those who may not be confident in their skills to deal with their belongings and systems. I have the experience and capacity to assist with executing a wide spectrum of outcomes and events.

I also specialize in finding creative solutions for individuals who are not location dependent. Some are retired RVers; some need to travel for their career; some just have the means for locomotion. Whatever the reason, they usually want to spend time exploring and experiencing life, rather than caring for their things. At the same time, working on location, out of the second home, as a jetsetter, or the RV lifestyle can feel just as homey as brick and mortar.

I come to you! We can work wherever your biggest challenge lies: in your kitchen, garage, home-office, closet, RV, basement, storage unit, warehouse, vacation home, event space, in the field, office or shop.

The short answer is: it comes naturally to me and brings me joy. And I have a lifetime of experience creating systems, processes, procedures for things, space, time and people.

The long answer is: I’ve been there, and I know what happens when inanimate objects, complicated events and inefficient space takes over a life (or lives) that should be enjoyed. People can be tethered by those trappings and it becomes difficult to move forward. My goal is to share the freedom an organized, simplified living offers—how it can be a conduit for new beginnings. And, because life has so many endings, twists and turns, it’s natural to start again. Or different. Or new. When life dips and curves, you must adjust.

Finally, methods of repurposing, recycling and resale are on the rise. Sustainability is key to the future of humanity. I aim to assist in letting go of “stuff” in morally sound economic and ecologic ways, so that our future generations are free of the burdens only money can buy.

One: I don’t just organize you—I help you organize yourself. I offer a professional service based on a person’s values, learning style, and unique way of operating—a journey that takes time and individual attention. I believe everyone can be organized and balanced in both their internal and external environments.

Two: I specialize in simple living—this is where I shine. We declutter, downsize, minimize, simplify and seek resources until you are free, from both the physical and psychological tolls life transitions can take.

Three: As we work together, you learn tips, tricks and skills to maintain your own life and work balance. Transference is most important since it’s YOUR goals we’re setting, YOUR values we incorporate and YOUR life we’re liberating.

Function! To live with purpose. Efficiently use your time and space to accomplish your priorities. Everything has a purpose and place.

Flow! In your life or work space. So you feel good and light, and are surrounded by an environment you relish, and systems you want… and they serve you, rather than you serving them.

Freedom! From the things that weigh you down. The ability to advance and explore. To spend more time with people you care about. To do what you enjoy most.

Whenever you’re ready to live a more fulfilled life. This means you must be prepared! When it’s your time to focus on independence and mobility, mental and physical freedom, ask for help. You CAN make your own dreams come true.