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I believe everyone can have an organized life, where everything in it has a function, their space and systems have flow, and they feel freedom to pursue the life they want.


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Packing & Unpacking, Downsizing, Containing Clutter, Garage or Shed, Storage, Attic, Kitchen, Pantry, Dining, Bath, Bedroom, Closet, Spare or Hobby Room, Family or Living Room


Home Office, Small Business, Start-ups, Student Projects, Inventory, Stockroom, Process & Procedure, Production Schedules, Data & Time Management, Paperwork & Mail


Seasonal or Holiday Party, Family Reunion, Office Gathering, Business Networking, Speaking Engagements, Special Occasion or Celebration, Retreats & Conferences, Event Logistics



Natalie’s dedication and attention to detail allows her to excel in an environment with more moving parts, contracts and personnel than most manage in a lifetime. Her ability to maintain a clear head and steady demeanor under pressure is most appreciated during stressful situations.

Nathan, Indianapolis, Indiana

Natalie is intelligent, she’s creative, and she’s is the queen of systems and organization. I never had to ask her to do anything; she always knew what needed to be done and made sure that it was done well and on time. Hire Natalie Minor right now! You’d be a fool to let her slip through your fingers!

Jonathan, Baltimore, Maryland

Natalie is a role model for streamlined organization and collaboration. I marvel at her ability to choreograph so many moving parts. She is always well-informed, polite, concise, and communicates clearly in writing and in person; her steady grace is inspiring. I rely on many people and teams to support my position, and none are as reliable or steadfast as Natalie.

Meg, Portland, Oregon

I recommend Natalie for any project that requires complex organizational skills. Natalie single-handedly managed the planning, logistics and communications for our annual industry conference, including exhibitors, speakers, local municipality, police and fire agencies. The venue staff was delighted with her professionalism and ease at which she handled the production of this high-profile event.

Phil, Grass Valley, California

Natalie is a smart, intuitive leader with outstanding communication skills and the ability to manage multifaceted projects to completion. She has the innate ability to create strong teams, build consensus, set agendas and plan complex events.

Anthony, Baltimore, Maryland

Thanks to Natalie’s excellent service as an organizer, I now have a nice space to live in. I feel liberated! It’s like a meditation. My overall experience has been greatly enhanced by coming home to an organized space that I can invite my friends over to and not feel embarrassed.

Anne Marie, Sacramento, California

Producing an 80,000-person event presents many challenges, many of which crop up at the last minute. Natalie handles these twists and turns with grace and style, on top of the normal role of managing the many contracts serving the infrastructure.

Charlie, San Francisco, California

When I needed someone reliable to reorganize my chaotic kitchen for me, Natalie came to the rescue. I am new to retirement and needed simplified systems to explore the luxuries of independence and time, including the freedom to travel. Nat’s the greatest!

Sandra, Reno, Nevada

With Natalie’s positive attitude and passion in her field, there’s nothing she can’t accomplish. Natalie worked diligently on creating and refining a load-in and load-out spreadsheet, ensuring a timely completion with tight deadlines, which has resulted in notable gains in overall productivity. She built in efficiencies to her schedules that allow for unforeseen setbacks in a massive logistical schedule.

Steven, Oakland, California

I have rarely come into contact with anyone that impresses me as much as Natalie. In this day and age of technology, contact with colleagues often becomes very impersonal, and Natalie handles every obstacle with professionalism, efficiency and a personal touch that keeps everyone around her motivated. She makes any problem become seamless within the shortest amount of time. Natalie has inspired me in many ways, from the way she puts others at ease, to the praiseworthy way she handles her many responsibilities.

Rick, Los Angeles County, California

Natalie is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that, she has impressive problem-solving skills and is always approachable. Along with her undeniable talent, Natalie has always been an absolute joy to work with. She is a true team player, and always manages to bring the best out in others.

Tiffany, St. Petersburg, Florida

I was floored by her ability to communicate effectively while dealing with multiple tasks and channels of operation and supporting a large population. Natalie is inspiring and entirely capable of managing any production.

Josh, San Diego, California

Natalie demonstrates a high level of integrity and respect for personal spaces. She is giving of her time, incredibly patient, professional and supportive. Her attention to detail while still keeping the bigger picture in sight is amazing, and her ability to assist me in working through organizational challenges has been invaluable.

Lisa, Gerlach, Nevada

What impresses me most is that, despite the cascade of changes and issues that come up every single day, Natalie never loses patience. She always provides outstanding customer service, communicates clearly and efficiently, and her smile and positive attitude are always appreciated.

Cat, San Francisco, California