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I believe everyone can have an organized life, where everything in it has a function, their space and systems have flow, and they feel freedom to pursue the life they want.


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Packing and Unpacking, Downsizing, Containing Clutter, Garage or Shed, Storage, Attic, Kitchen, Pantry, Dining, Bath, Bedroom, Closet, Spare or Hobby Room, Family or Living Room


Home Office, Career Change or Promotion, Retail and Inventory, Production Timeline, Conscious Hiring, Productivity, Paperwork Filing, Data Management, Tracking and Budgeting


Seasonal or Holiday Party, Family Reunion, Special Occasion or Celebration, Retreats and Conferences, Office Gathering, Business Networking, Speaking Events, Festival Logistics



When I needed someone reliable to reorganize my chaotic kitchen for me, Natalie came to the rescue. I am new to retirement and needed simplified systems to explore the luxuries of independence and time, including the freedom to travel. Nat’s the greatest!

Home Organization
Sandra D, Reno

Natalie is intelligent, she’s creative, and she’s is the queen of systems and organization. I never had to ask her to do anything; she always knew what needed to be done and made sure that it was done well and on time. Hire Natalie Minor right now! You’d be a fool to let her slip through your fingers!

Systems and Productivity
Jonathan S, Baltimore

Natalie is a smart, intuitive leader with outstanding communication skills and the ability to manage multifaceted projects to completion. She has the innate ability to create strong teams, build consensus, set agendas and plan complex events.

Event Management
Anthony B, Baltimore

I was floored by her ability to communicate effectively while dealing with multiple tasks and channels of operation and supporting a large population. Natalie is inspiring and entirely capable of managing any production.

Event Management
Josh P, San Diego