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SOULganizing offers customized approaches and mindful methods to becoming and staying organized, so you can enjoy the people and activities you want. During our sessions, we optimize the function of your home or office, create flow to your processes, and free your time and areas, which relieve you from feeling stress and overwhelm.

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Stepping outside our comfort zone isn't easy, but it's a courageous step. When we decide to make a change, big or small, many questions and doubts come up for us. It's absolutely normal to feel this way. Find comfort in knowing that others face similar challenges.

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I am honored to be a partner in your transition and to witness the transformation. You may feel your obstacles are too overwhelming, and the amount of work is insurmountable. Be assured; it's not. Working side-by-side, we can accomplish anything to achieve the outcomes you desire.

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Client Experiences

Let me be clear - I love Soulganizing and Natalie, who works miracles on messy spaces. She helped me organize my closets, cupboards, craft room/office, and my very messy garage. I think everyone can benefit from her services.


Reno, NV

Thanks to Natalie’s excellent service as an organizer, I now have a nice space to live. I feel liberated! It’s like a meditation. My overall experience is greatly enhanced by coming home to an organized space. I can invite my friends over and not feel embarrassed.

Anne Marie

Sacramento, CA

Natalie is a consummate professional! She described in detail what she would do and the cost estimate. Very reasonable! She kept me updated during the process. I found her very easy to work with. She genuinely exceeded my expectations! I had interviewed other companies. So glad I went with Soulganizing!!!


Reno, NV

Natalie was been a godsend helping me organize after my move. She is fun and energetic making organizing less of a grind. She is full of great ideas too...we have been working a day a month on different areas of my home. She organized my kitchen, closets, garage and living room and storage areas including recycling all with the same efficiency. I highly recommend her services.


Smith Valley, NV