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Thank you for visiting my site! I'm Natalie Minor, a lifetime learner and archer of dreams. This is my story... I grew up in a cluttered household. Keeping the house tidy was difficult, but I learned as I got older. Grandma’s house was equally untidy and held decades' worth of collections, memorabilia, my uncles’ and mom’s old stuff, and my late Grandpa’s things.

My grandmother developed Alzheimer’s, and she wasn’t able to take care of herself or her home. My mom didn’t notice my grandmother’s mental decline in time to help grandma sort, prepare, and move to assisted living, so my uncles came to sell, auction, and clear out grandma’s house.

I was devastated when I arrived at Grandma’s and everything was gone. All but a few of Grandma’s belongings were sold in the estate sale or donated, along with things I was promised. I felt confused, guilty, angry, and left out of these very important decisions. My family bickered throughout the whole process; they didn’t agree with what was done. These old hurts are still present today.


Your path to function, flow and freedom…

Open Door Consultation

It all starts with a conversation! Whether you found me through the internet or by referral, it can be difficult to open your door to a stranger. I understand. I'm not surprised, shocked, scared or judgmental of what's behind your door. An Open Door consultation is up to one hour, during which we discuss your greatest challenges with organizing or moving through a transition, and come up with a plan based on your needs, values and timeline.

Organizing Packages

After assessing the scope of the project, I'll make recommendations in approach, materials, method and duration. Packages are designed to help you complete a project from beginning to end, while providing you with skills and techniques for continuing on your own. Through consistency and encouragement, your goals are within reach.

Day Rates

Most projects can't be completed in a day, but half-day or full-day rates are an option for the individual who cannot commit to regular sessions, or who wants a "get it done" day--or a weekend! This laser-focused approach works well for the busy bee or distance client as a total overhaul, in urgent circumstances, or as a maintenance ritual.

Moving Projects

Preparing, packing and planning for a move is one of the most stressful and disruptive transition in anyone's life. And the aftermath involving unpacking, creating new systems and adjusting to a new life can be just as difficult. Allow me to take over the burden and stress of moving, so you can step into your new life with ease.

Online Consulting

We can meet remotely! You can work on your own project without me stepping a foot in your home. This is a great option for those who want accountability and are able to self-task with a little guidance, coaching and encouragement.

Client Experiences

Gifts of Empathy, Support and Healing

Through the years, my talent for organizing has grown into a passion and purpose. I help folks move through the process of letting go slowly, so they’re not left with the aftermath of devastation, and so they can do the best for themselves and their loved ones… before it’s too late. Sharing my gifts is immensely rewarding through this incredibly healing transition, where the after affects often yield more gain than anyone could imagine.

SOULganizing offers customized approaches and mindful methods to decluttering, rightsizing, planning, moving and staying organized, so you can enjoy the people and activities you want. During our sessions, we optimize the function of your home or office, create flow to your processes, and free your time and areas, which relieve you from feeling stress and overwhelm. The same care and consideration is applied to your move (before, during and after).

My work is not a franchise or a hobby. I offer over 25 years of experience, expertise, knowledge, work ethic and a multi-faceted skillset. It's my pleasure and honor to be a partner in your transition and to witness the transformation. You may feel your obstacles are too overwhelming, and the amount of work is insurmountable. Be assured; they're not. Working side-by-side, we can accomplish anything to achieve the outcomes you desire.

Natalie is a Certified Productivity & Organizing Professional (CPO) through NAPO and a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM). She holds specializations in Life Transitions and Brain-based Conditions, and is a member of NAPO’s Moving & Relocation and Writing & Publishing Special Interest Groups. Natalie owns Soulganizing (home-based in Reno, Nevada), and is a speaker, writer and coach.

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