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With Natalie’s positive attitude and passion in her field, there’s nothing she can’t accomplish. Natalie worked diligently on creating and refining a load-in and load-out spreadsheet, ensuring a timely completion with tight deadlines, which has resulted in notable gains in overall productivity. She built in efficiencies to her schedules that allow for unforeseen setbacks in a massive logistical schedule.


Oakland, CA

I have rarely come into contact with anyone that impresses me as much as Natalie. In this day and age of technology, contact with colleagues often becomes very impersonal, and Natalie handles every obstacle with professionalism, efficiency and a personal touch that keeps everyone around her motivated. She makes any problem become seamless within the shortest amount of time. Natalie has inspired me in many ways, from the way she puts others at ease, to the praiseworthy way she handles her many responsibilities.


Los Angeles, CA

Ms. Natalie is an amazing organizer and planner. She made sure everything was prepared for the guys when it was time for relocation. Very efficient and good communication.


Las Vegas, NV

Natalie is a smart, intuitive leader with outstanding communication skills and the ability to manage multifaceted projects to completion. She has the innate ability to create strong teams, build consensus, set agendas and plan complex events.


Baltimore, MD