SOULganizing and Sustainability

Organizing for the environment.

Keeping it Green

One pillar of SOULganizing’s efforts while working with clients is to ensure that discarded items are appropriately re-distributed, either through donation or discard. The goal is to reduce significantly the amount of waste we produce through clearing, downsizing, decluttering and/or moving a home, in an environmentally- and ethically-conscious way.

When working in a client’s home, I assist them with decisions as to what is landfill and what should go to alternative sources, and educate the client on future steps they can take to reduce the amount of trash, recycling, and other waste that accumulates in the home. Specifically, we divide materials into categories.

Depending on the project, a few or many may apply, but most projects involve recycling, regular donation and landfill. Working side-by-side, this gives me the opportunity to incorporate educational opportunities around Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle in my client’s daily lives. 

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