Moving Packages

Each package is based on experience in packing, coordinating, moving, and unpacking clients. Although these packages suit most situations, sometimes a job goes outside the scope or timeframe of the original assessment, or requires a custom offer.

Moving Packages include:
One hour Open Door Consultation ~ Packing and Unpacking ~ Move Management ~ Space Planning ~ Move Day Coordination


Starting at

Easily move a 1- to 2-bedroom home or apartment. Excellent solution to a local move with a short timeline.

~4 half-days (2 days)
of packing
~Move Day coordination
~2 half-days (1 day) of unpacking
~travel up to 50 miles roundtrip


Starting at

For the average 3- to 4-bedroom home with the normal volume of contents. Ideal for a local or in-state move within a month of Move Day.

~8 half-days (4 days)
of packing
~Move Day coordination
~4 half-days (2 days) of unpacking
~travel up to 50 miles roundtrip


Starting at

Designed for a fully lived-in home with ample contents. This is perfect for the multi-part move  with months of lead time before Move Day.

~16 half-days (8 days)
of packing
~Move Day coordination
~8 half-days (4 days) of unpacking
~travel up to 50 miles roundtrip

*Starting prices are for one person. Adding packers/unpackers will increase the cost of the project.
*Moving packages do not include decluttering, downsizing, rightsizing or organizing sessions. 
*Different from organizing sessions, packing half-days and full-days do not require the client's full-time presence. Half-days are 3 hours. A full day is 6 hours. We will build a schedule together, according to Move Day.
*For all matters regarding packing, coordinating, moving and unpacking, we will check in regularly in person, through text, email and phone. Moving materials, rentals and outside services are the client's responsibility.
*When the Moving process comes to an end, we'll determine if there is a need for future sessions and/or Packages.

Many Moving Parts

Natalie is a role model for streamlined organization and collaboration. I marvel at her ability to choreograph so many moving parts. She is always well-informed, polite, concise, and communicates clearly in writing and in person; her steady grace is inspiring. I rely on many people and teams to support my position, and none are as reliable or steadfast as Natalie.


Portland, OR

I recommend Natalie for any project that requires complex organizational skills. Natalie single-handedly managed the planning, logistics and communications for our annual industry conference, including exhibitors, speakers, local municipality, police and fire agencies. The venue staff was delighted with her professionalism and ease at which she handled the production of this high-profile event.


Grass Valley, CA

What impresses me most is that, despite the cascade of changes and issues that come up every single day, Natalie never loses patience. She always provides outstanding customer service, communicates clearly and efficiently, and her smile and positive attitude are always appreciated.


San Francisco, CA

Natalie is intelligent, she’s creative, and she’s is the queen of systems and organization. I never had to ask her to do anything; she always knew what needed to be done and made sure that it was done well and on time. Hire Natalie Minor right now! You’d be a fool to let her slip through your fingers!


Baltimore, MD