You're Not Alone!

Stepping outside our comfort zone isn't easy, but it's a courageous step. When we decide to make a change, big or small, many questions and doubts come up for us. It's absolutely normal to feel this way. Find comfort in knowing that others face similar challenges.

During our Open Door call, I’ll listen while you tell me your story and how I can help. I’ll offer solutions as to how we can move forward, and we’ll decide together if we’re a good fit. From there, we’ll embark on a clear path of transition.

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Open Door consultations are $85 if a a site visit is necessary for assessment.
When you enter into a Package, this fee is taken off the Package price.

Coaching Packages coming soon! 
Coaching may be just what you need for an uplift, update, or upstep while taking on a project yourself, or as a returning client. Reaching out when you're stuck is necessary for growth, and sharing your progress is just as important. I'm happy to discuss your challenges, to offer perspective and ideas, and to celebrate your victories.