About Me

My history is one of any typical American family. It’s also a story about how life’s challenges and changes can be the catalyst to disorganization, excess clutter and, in severe cases, total disorder. Perhaps you will see some similarities in your life and the lives of those you care about….

I knew firsthand from the age of five what the aftermath of life-altering transitions such as a death in the family, divorce, grief, financial loss and disease can do to a household. Compound these challenges with life events, such as continued education, attempts to start a business, moving and unexpected additions to the family. Now add conditions of collecting, health issues and depression. Then sprinkle in the daily tasks of living, maintaining a household, hobbies and activities, and what have you got? A recipe for chaos.

All these things and more happened within three generations of my family. As I grew up, my natural instinct was to find order, structure and systems that made sense. I spent most of my time alone tidying the space, things and scheduling elements I could immediately control. These responsibilities became broader and wider, until I was managing everything I was directly responsible for in the house, my calendar of activities, and assets.

As I became an adult, I organized for others mainly through volunteer activities, for trade, recommendation or testimony. Jobs I applied for, the way I lived, and people I worked with became my experiments to find ever-evolving, ever more efficient ways of doing things. In 2013, I became a full-time RVer, having let go of most tangible possessions and commercial goods, preferring to spend more energy and time on experiences and people.

By this time, I had already earned the roles of Publications Specialist, Event Producer and Project Manager. And, as an enthusiastic Jill of Many Trades, I gained a lot of additional skills along the way. Through word of mouth, I became known within many circles as someone who organizes—homes, offices, people, events—and excels at it.


In 2016, I started kicking around the idea of promoting myself as a Professional Organizer. When a new friend marveled at my aptitude for tackling disorganization and creating order at home and at the store we worked, that was the AHA! moment I needed to realize my talents are actually marketable. Through research, I was thrilled to learn I have a viable trade… and a tribe.

Although I thought I was embarking on a brand-new idea, I discovered Professional Organizing and Productivity Consulting is a real thing! When I found others like me online, and a whole academy to learn more, I finally decided to go after my dream to help others find harmony in their lives through organization and balance.

So, I ask you: What’s your dream for function, flow and freedom—and how can I help you make it come true?