Meet Natalie

Certified Professional Organizer & Productivity Consultant
Specialized in Life Transitions & Move Management
Certified in Brain-based Conditions

Hello there! Thank you for visiting my site. Here, you'll get to know more about me, and why I feel this is my calling and life's purpose. I've been organizing homes, offices, businesses, schedules, moves, events and publications for over 25 years… and love sharing my gifts to help my fellow humans. But wait, there's more!

My history is one of any typical American family. It’s also a story about how life’s challenges and changes can be the catalyst to disorganization, clutter and, in severe cases, total disorder. Perhaps you will see some similarities in your life and the lives of those you care about.

I knew firsthand from the age of five what the aftermath of life-altering transitions such as a death in the family, divorce, grief, financial loss and mental illness can do to a household. Compound these challenges with life events, such as continued education, attempts to start a business, moving, and unexpected additions to the family. Now add conditions of excessive collecting, retail therapy, health issues and depression. Then sprinkle in the daily tasks of living, maintaining a household, hobbies and activities, and what have you got? A recipe for chaos.

All these things and more happened within three generations of my family. As I grew up, my natural instinct was to find order, structure and systems that made sense. I spent most of my time tidying the things around me I could immediately control. These responsibilities became broader and wider, until I was managing everything I was directly responsible for my home, calendar of activities, and assets.

A Diverse Background

Through early adulthood, I organized for others as a leader on campus, for trade, publications, as a volunteer, and when a friend or family member was in need. From 2007-2016, I earned the roles of Production Editor, Event Planner, Office Coordinator and Publications Specialist. Through 2013-2016, I phased out of my publishing and editing career, and began contracting for roles such as Event Producer, Store Manager, Operations Manager Assistant and Contract Services Logistics Manager. 

Through this work and seeing first-hand our impact on the earth and its resources, I've become passionate about repurpose, reuse, recycle, upcycle and leave no trace efforts. I let go of most tangible possessions and commercial goods, having discovered I preferred to spend more energy and time on experiences and people. The way I live, the people I work with, and positions I held have become my experiments to find ever-evolving, ever more efficient, mindful, and eco-conscious ways of doing things.

Always an enthusiastic Jill of Trades, I gained unique and varied skillsets along the way including: retail and systems management, vendor relations and contract reconciliation, construction and on-site engineering, interior lighting and design, space planning and staging, merchandising and inventory, housekeeping and cleaning, thrifting and vintage, quality control and security, teaching and curriculum, auctions and liquidations.

After several personal moves, working for a moving company, and as a logistics expert, I’ve perfected the arts of packing, downsizing, managing multiple moving parts, and letting go. By word of mouth and doing good work, I have become known within many circles as someone who organizes—homes, offices, people, events, things, time—and excels at it.

My Gifts to You

In 2016, I was kicking around the idea of providing organizing services to the community, when a friend marveled at my aptitude for tackling disorganization and creating order at home and at the store I managed. That was the Aha! moment I needed to realize my talents are actually valued. Through research, I was thrilled to learn I have a viable trade… and a tribe. When I found others like me online, and a whole academy to learn more, I finally decided to go after my dream to help others find harmony in their lives through organization and balance.

In July 2018, I earned NAPO's Certification as a Professional Organizer & Productivity Consultant (CPO), which demonstrates many hours of education, service to clients, transference of skills, and adherence to the National Association's code of ethics. In early 2019, I also received the Life Transitions Specialist badge for additional coursework and client hours I completed to help those in transition. In October 2019, I finished an immersive Mastery course, focused on impactful coaching, and business as a mindful and spiritual endeavor. 

I continue to become more diversified in what I offer as an organizer, a leader, coach, speaker and consultant. In February 2022, I joined NAPO's Moving & Relocation, and Authorship & Publishing  Special Interest Groups, and earned a Specialization in Brain-Based Conditions. In early 2023, I earned the KTMB Teir 1 GreenBiz Certificate for my work as a Sustainable business, am a speaker for International Women's Day, and am launching a Coaching program to help more people reach their goals.

So, I ask you: What’s your dream for function, flow and freedom… and how can I help you make it come true?

Past Collaborators

Natalie is a role model for streamlined organization and collaboration. I marvel at her ability to choreograph so many moving parts. She is always well-informed, polite, concise, and communicates clearly in writing and in person; her steady grace is inspiring. I rely on many people and teams to support my position, and none are as reliable or steadfast as Natalie.


Portland, OR

I recommend Natalie for any project that requires complex organizational skills. Natalie single-handedly managed the planning, logistics and communications for our annual industry conference, including exhibitors, speakers, local municipality, police and fire agencies. The venue staff was delighted with her professionalism and ease at which she handled the production of this high-profile event.


Grass Valley, CA

What impresses me most is that, despite the cascade of changes and issues that come up every single day, Natalie never loses patience. She always provides outstanding customer service, communicates clearly and efficiently, and her smile and positive attitude are always appreciated.


San Francisco, CA

Natalie is intelligent, she’s creative, and she’s is the queen of systems and organization. I never had to ask her to do anything; she always knew what needed to be done and made sure that it was done well and on time. Hire Natalie Minor right now! You’d be a fool to let her slip through your fingers!


Baltimore, MD